Yo! Sushi. 

Today I tried Yo! Sushi for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised! 

Well.. I didn’t actually have sushi, but I have avoided ever going there as its not something I completely keen on. However.. I found quite a few things on the menu I really liked! Chicken katsu, chicken terriyaki, beef terriyaki, avocado!

Fair enough, none of my choices were sushi, but I put my prejudices aside and realised it was a great place to eat, really novel. You sit there, whilst the food comes round in little dishes on a travelator in front of you. You press a button on the table when you want some help and it shouts out in Japanese and lights up a little lantern in front of you! It’s a really nice atmosphere and some I would definitely recommend giving a try, as it’s completely different from the normal food you grab when you go out to eat, such as burger and chips or pizza and lasagne. 

The one in Norwich is totally accessible as well! It’s in the Chapelfield restaurant area, so close to parking, buses and walking distance if you live close to the city! The only draw back was the price but that would be different depending what you had. It’s priced depending on the colour of the plates. All mine were orange, which are £4. I had 4 plates and two drinks, so it came to £21 which for a lunch out is quite steep. However all of mine were meat dishes instead of sides. My friend had at least four of the green plates (£2) because she liked the little side dishes, so although she got other stuff and had more food than me, her bill was about the same. 

Moral of the story.. Give it a go! Don’t be put off by the stereotypes of cultured food, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised! 



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