Mad Hatters Tea Shop

So yesterday I went for lunch with a couple of friends in Wymondham. We had no plans of where to go, and just picked at random. We decided to go to the Mad Hatters Tea Shop, which I had previously heard good things about. It’s in the centre of town and is the cutest place ever. 

It is literally tiny, but that adds to the feel of it! It’s decked out in what can only be described as Cath Kitsons paradise (pictures included), which didn’t exactly make my friend look to manly, but I enjoyed! 

The food is great, a mix of afternoon tea foods, such as scones, with classic sandwiches and jacket potatoes! They also have a huge selection of homemade cakes! I had a chocolate brownie… Absolutely delicious! They also offer cakes to takeaway, in what is very nicely named a ‘cakeaway’

I would definitely recommend going there, as it was a great experience! And very reasonably priced too! They’re open 10-4 everyday apart from Thursday which is baking day! There is parking in the town centre, where the first hour is free, or alternatively, you could park in Morrisons and walk down… 🙊

Wymondham is about a 15 minute drive from uni and the surrounding areas, and it could also easily be cycled! The number 14 and 15 bus go from the city to Wymondham although they do navigate through a couple of other towns. The number 13 goes straight there and I think between all the numbers a bus runs roughly every 15 minutes! 



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