So, last week I finished my internship with Neil Cooper run by the uni. It’s been a great experience and I consider myself really lucky to have had the chance to undertake it.

It’s going to be great for my CV and I’m hoping my hard work will invite future career opportunities that could be of value for me. 

I was lucky working with Neil, as he’s very easy going and kind. He did his best to ensure I was getting all the help I needed and he encouraged me with what I was doing that made me feel more confident in my role. I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future. 

I think internships are a great step for students. For example, through mine I learnt that I enjoy working directly with people, as I really appreciated the interviewing I was doing with them. They can also be very eye-opening about what to expect the world of work. I think sometimes as students, despite our academic setting, we are sheltered from what some might call the ‘real world’ and have dysfunctional beliefs about that. With an internship, it’s a bit like easing into that world, enough that you learn what is expected of you, without the huge pressure of a full time job. It’s kind of like a stepping stone into grown up life that makes you see the level you need to perform at. It also helps you see things from your lecturers (or another professional’s) perspective. For instance, I began writing up a report on our work, and Neil went through it with me, pointing out where I could improve. I found this great as it gave me an insight into how lecturers consider work that I can use in the future with my writing (particularly my third year project, where he will be one of the markers 😏). 

I think it’s great that UEA offers so many opportunities such as these internships! It makes it feel like they really care about your future, and want to do everything they can for you! Career Central have already even offered to help me write up my experience in my CV and covering letters for the future. 

The moral of my story… Do an internship.. It’s great!



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