Camp America

So, next year is my final year at uni, and I’m super keen to head to America afterwards. Ideally I am looking at working out there, or volunteering, but something that means I can stay the whole year! However, after a chat with the careers advisor, this could prove harder than expected and he suggested some other avenues. 

Camp America is something I’ve heard of before, but never really given much thought.. It just seemed such an American thing that I thought it wouldn’t even be possible for me to do it. I’ve looked into it a bit, and although I don’t have any particularly strong talents in terms of sports, music and crafts, there is an option to work in a role for mental disabilities, which would help with my hopes for the future. 

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with Camp America.. What it’s like, what goes on, the application process? Whether it’s a good thing to do as a end of gear student? Any tips would be welcome as it looks good, but I’m a little unsure! 



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