We travelled to Florence by train as the second leg of our Italian trip. When we organised it, Florence was really just part of the deal, rather than somewhere we definitely wanted to go, but it turned out to be our favourite place! 

Although we stayed in the industrial district which was really annoying as it was quiet, eerie at night and a 20 minute bus drive away from the centre, it turned out to be a great place for a run, through this huge park in the early mornings! 

The best part of Florence is Michaelangelo’s Pizzale where you can look out over the whole of Florence! Just up the road from that there is also a monastery, which requires walking up about 100 steps but gives you even more amazing views! 

We also took the Hop On Hop Off tour which took us around Florence (and gave us free bus journeys!!), which was lovely as it gave us more of a feel for the city in general, without having to walk around aimlessly for hours. The bus tour also took us up into little villages on the outside of Florence which are absolutely gorgeous! They are even hotter because there is not much shade and hot air rises I guess, but the views are incredible. They also have cute little stalls selling jewellery and knick knacks, and small restaurants at great prices! 

In the evening we got to eat in the shadow of Florence Cathedral, which felt so surreal. The amount of ice cream, sorry gelato shops in Florence is incredible! And they stay open until the early hours of the morning, it’s crazy (although great for late night snacking!!).

There are also plenty of bars you can go into, that offer loads of drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, at really reasonable prices! We chose to go into a Irish bar, which was great as it meant we could get chatty to loads of people! 

Florence is a fabulous destination for a couple of nights, maybe more if you planned to head into Tuscany around Florence! 


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