Hi Guys, 

Having been on holiday for what feels like forever (that’s not a bad thing!) but also no time at all, I’m finally getting around to writing about all the lovely places I’ve been! 

Me and my best friend had a Groupon deal which took us to Venice, Florence and Rome, for two nights in each. 

Venice was our first stop, and it was absolutely beautiful. The canals are gorgeous and the city itself is so quaint. 

We took a ride on a gondola, which is a tick off my bucket list! We didn’t pay for a serenaded one (although a boat directly behind us had, so it was pretty much the same thing) and it was in a group, but it was still a lovely experience. We went round the little canals all in a row, with the gondaliers chatting in Italian as we went along. 

We also had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and literally sat on the Grand Canal as we ate a pizza and an ice cream. Apparently you can climb to the top of Saint Marc’s Tower, but unfortunately we weren’t able to do that. 

We took a boat ride out to a couple of the islands near Venice such as Murano, which is a beautiful little village! 

Unfortunately, we also spend quite a lot of time getting lost, as our sense of direction isn’t brilliant haha, but at least this way we got to see loads of the city! 

It’s somewhere I would definitely recommend visiting, although I would suggest staying as centrally as possible! 


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