The final leg of our journey was Rome! We got the train from the main station in Florence to Termini in Rome. The views on this ride are just amazing, the scenery is incredible. So many rolling hills, lakes and mountains. 

That was a slight issue in Rome as our hotel was crazily far away from the city – it took a 40 minute bus ride and a 25 minute train ride to get in, and the bus only came twice as hour.. There wasn’t even a timetable, it just came twice an hour, whenever! 

Rome itself was incredible though. We went to the colesseum on the first day, and it’s literally right on the doorstep of the tube station, it’s so surreal but so amazing. Walking round the place itself is incredible as well, to be in a place with so much history. The only thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t let you take suncream in, and I’m pale and it’s an open air building!!

The Trevi Fountain is beautiful, but a lot smaller than I expected, and the Spanish Steps weren’t open when we went to see them which was disappointing, but we got to see so many amazing sights! We saw the Pantheon and the Roman Forum which is an amazing site. 

We also spent the afternoon in Vatican City, looking around the museums and the Basilica. We walked right to the top where you can see all of Rome. It’s an amazing view but I came over all funny at the height and could barely go to the window! The steps up to it were scary as well! But gorgeous surroundings! 

My favourite part of Rome was this ice cream (gelato) shop about 2 minutes from the Pantheon… It had 150 flavours such as Profiteroles, rhubarb, kitkat, Nutella… It was amazing!! I would go back to Rome just for that haha! 

I would go back to Rome again, in an instant, but I would just make sure to stay somewhere central next time, as the travel between the centre of Rome and our hotel wasted a lot of time. Although we did get to see more of the locals Rome I guess!! 


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