Onto the next stage of my travel adventures! I was only in the country 47 hours between arriving from Rome and flying to Paphos, and I had work 6 of those hours! 

I was worried about going to Cyprus because I knew it would be hot, and humid, and windy, and I have such sensitive skin, get so easily burnt and suffer from heatstroke, I was worried I would spend the whole time ill or hiding inside!


It was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. Cyprus is gorgeous and the people were so lovely. When we hired a car and couldn’t figure out how to top it up with petrol, some local stopped and spent 15 minutes helping us do it, without us even asking! 

The island is beautiful, and full of so much history and culture. We went to Aphrodites Rock, known as Petra Tou Romiou, her birthplace. We were also going to go to the Baths of Aphrodite, or the Adonis Waterfalls but we ran out of battery on our phones and were anxious to rely solely on maps.

We did however go to Paphos Architectural site, which houses all of the old mosaics, which are beautiful and really thought provoking! And we went to the Tomb of the Kings, which is hundreds and thousands of years old, and was actually where rich people, rather than Kings were buried. 

Paphos itself is beautiful. Municipal Beach and Paphos Harbour have a lovely atmosphere, full of shops and restaurants where the people are lovely and friendly, without being too pushy. There’s also loads of boat tours they run from the harbour, such as party boats or glass bottom cruises. 

Our hotel was amazing, it was part of the Holiday Villages from First Choice range. It was set up in the theme of a Grecian Fishing Village. The pool was huge, the bars served a wide variety and food was available between 7-21.30! The atmosphere was lovely and the staff were the nicest I’ve ever encountered! It was called Holiday Village Aliathon and I whole-heartedly recommend it! 


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