Goodbye Summer

I’m so sad, summer has finally come to an end! I say finally but to be honest, it feels like it has flown by!! 

The weather has been up and down like crazy this summer! However, I managed to avoid being too overly burnt so that’s a success! 

I’m glad I managed to do so much this summer! I’ve been to V fest, Rome, Venice, Florence and Cyprus. Gone away for a weekend with my parents and boyfriend and sister, gone to London for the day and Oxford for another. I’ve done volunteer work which has been super interesting and conducted an internship with a professor which has really helped me develop an interest for my future. 

I’m not particularly looking forward to going back to uni, simply because I have enjoyed being off so much! And of course, this year is going to be super hard with dissertation and all!

It’s also freaky to think that this time next year it’s all over and done with, and will have been for a couple of months. I have some ideas what I want to do after uni but I’m not fully clear yet and that thought scares me! It all seemed so much further away a few months ago when I had the whole of summer ahead of me!

I’m determined to make the most of my final year here.. I’m going to join the UEA Angels Cheer Dance team and possible get involved in some student rep activities! I want to make my last year count! 



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