So, with the commencement of Third Year, also begins the commencement of the Dissertation.

I have finally chosen a topic for my dissertation; Terrorism. It is such as poignant issue in the current climate that I think it will give me the option to explore so many avenues.

What I am particularly interested in, after my interest was piqued by some reading for my Forensic module, is the concept of a Terrorist Personality. Particularly how, despite the portrayal of a Terrorist Personality, which is something that is fairly common knowledge, and seems to be fuelled by the media, research actually suggests that there is no such thing as a Terrorist Personality. Terrorists are in fact normal people. They do not always have mental health difficulties, or psychotic tendencies. Research suggests they are just ‘normal people who commit terrorists acts.’

I want to look at how thinking of terrorists as being a particular type of people, how that makes individuals feel. Whether it affects their perceptions of their mental health and stability, their happiness and their perception of stress level in their lives. I would then like to show them evidence that the idea of a Terrorist Personality is fiction, before asking them how this affects them in the same way. I would like to see whether or not the concept of terrorists being a particular type of people, or a normal person, has more or less of an effect on individuals perceptions of their mental health.

If anyone has any advice on how to prepare for and deal with the stress of a dissertation that would be greatly appreciated!



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