Justin Bieber at The O2

So last weekend saw me head to London to see Justin Bieber at The O2… as anyone can imagine, it was AMAZING!!! Or he was amazing I should say! 

The two acts before him were good warm ups although I’ll confess to not being able to remember their names! 

Justin performed live as far as I’m aware, although he did a lot of dancing so I guess some bits were mimed. Much better than V fest, cos I could hear every word! 

We were SO high up, i was absolutely terrified of falling. The girls in front of us were typical teenage screaming fans and one of them did fall into the row in front 😱 it was a bit scary. Even so, I managed to get up and dance along. 

He performed the entire Purpose album (not unexpected being the Purpose tour), Baby, As Long as you Love Me, Boyfriend, Coldwater (acoustically, as well as acoustic Love Yourself), and Let Me Love You. 

It’s ironic that Justin Bieber was in his least popular period during both Baby and Boyfriend, yet they got two of the biggest cheers, possibly even the biggest for Baby, although the O2 app said that we were loudest for Where Are You Now. 

I had a great night and although it took us forever to get home with the crowds we just about avoided getting drenched and the entire days journey, even with a shopping trip in London beforehand only cost us £10.50 in tube fares. We stayed with my friends Nan and she was adorable, she fed us up as best she could and made it like a little hotel for the weekend! She even came to the train station with us and got the bus back so my friend wouldn’t get lost driving there! We took her out for lunch to say thank you! 

I know not everyone is a big fan of the Biebs (can’t even comprehend why, love him!!) but he puts on a seriously good show and he actually seems to have a decent sense of humour from the jokes he mays during sets. He didn’t take his top off though which i think 99% of the audience was disappointed about! 


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