Halfway update! 

So I’m nearly at halfway through my first semester of the third year at uni! It’s been great so far actually! 

I’m much more involved this year, having joined Cheerleading Dance. And I’m even thinking of joining UEA Royal as well as I really miss dancing.

It’s much less stressful as well this year, only going in for a few hours and having more time for independent study. I’m still finding myself incredibly busy though!!! With volunteering twice a week, and work, I still feel like I’m rushing round from A to B to C to D all the time but at least I don’t feel stressed like in second year! 

I absolutely LOVE my modules this year as well. It’s amazing how much better you become engrossed in learning when it’s something you’ve chosen yourself to be involved in! Psychosocial Perspectives of Family Life is very similar to the Family of Sociology module I did in A Levels which I really enjoyed and I therefore find myself understanding the course material so much better. I love my lecturer as well. Kamena is great and so good with the students. 

My other module is my favourite of the two, purely because it’s what I want to do after uni! Forensic Psychology. I find myself doing so much reading and actually enjoying it, because it’s some i find so interesting! We have all sorts of guest lecturers as well, like last week we had an actual Forensic Psychologist from NOMS (National Offender Management Service) come to give us a lecture which was so interesting. 

My dissertation is going well also. I submitted my ethics form this week and it has been assigned to a reviewer, so hopefully that will be sorted quickly so I can begin interviewing! I am doing a Grounded Theory analysis of the way terrorism affects decision making in travel which will hopefully be soooo interesting! 

That’s about all I have to say about uni ATM. Basically I love third year! 

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