Masters Applications

So, having decided I wish to study Forensic Psychology, has come the pain of writing a personal statement. 

I remember the agony of doing it during A Levels (or the year after actually in my case), as I struggle so much to know what to put. 

I have done my research and have decided to apply to:

Kings College London, London Metropolitan University, Goldsmiths, Royal Holloway, Middlesex University and Kingston University. 

You may notice a similarity in these in that they are all based around London. My decision with this is that they are a collection of really good universities, and also I love London. Going to uni there offers me the chance to commute as most courses are only one or two days a week. However if I do decide to move, it’s somewhere I have always wanted to live. 

My applications are either for 2018 or to be deferred from 2017 to 2018 as if all goes planned I should be travelling from September to February next year (more about this soon).

I’m really struggling with what to write. There’s not as much literature out there on writing Postgraduate personal statements as there is for undergraduate and I’m not sure if the rules in writing them have changed. 

I have easily written about what I have done at uni and in terms of work experience, but I really struggle to sell myself as an idea candidate and express why I want to do it. I know for definite I do, but putting that into words is troubling me! If anyone has any great application advice I would greatly appreciate it as I want to make my parents proud and tell them I got accepted soooooo much!!!! 


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