UEA Royal

So, the other day I signed up for UEA Royal, the university’s dance club. I’m super excited as I used to dance so much when I was young and I haven’t done it in ages!

I considered joining in my first year but a lot of the lessons were on a Tuesday when I was at work. 

Royal includes Hip Hop, Jazz, Commercial and Contemporary. 

I used to do street which is kind of like Hip Hop and I did Jazz for years. I’m going to focus more on Contemporary and Commercial though as Commercial is the kind of danc  I have always wanted to do and Contemporary is just beautiful and is something I have always wanted to do. 

I might go to Jazz occasionally but I think I will stick to Commercial and Contemporary. I haven’t joined the Comp Squad because I’m not gonna commit myself to going every week, I just want to have the option there to go and enjoy it when I can. 

Luckily the lessons change times each week so I’m not prevented from going to any regularly because of the timings. 

I’ve got Cheer where I’ve made new friends but dance is gonna be just a chance to go back and do something I enjoy! 



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