First Assignment!

I am currently approaching the assignment deadline for my first assignment, 15th December.

It is a Briefing Paper, on family policy in the UK. My topic same sex parents and how they do not receive enough support from policy, and therefore this may have significant effects on the kids, in the way of experiences of bullying and prejudice.

I was struggling at first, as I had done a lot of reading, perhaps too much and lacked a focus as to where I was going with my paper, but I think I have overcome that now.

I am more worried about assignments this year than in previous years, as they are worth so much more. A whole 20 credits just for one assignment and I only have five this year, including my dissertation. I also struggled more than I expected to with assignments last year, but with my exam grades ended up on a really good score, so I am concerned about having a blip again and getting my average dragged all the way down!

I’ve been to see my lecturer a few times, and I am going to be making use of the Student Support Services to help me make sure my report is as good as it can be.

Has anyone done a Briefing Paper before? Any advice on how to do it well?


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