Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming – Christmas!

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming!
I actually cannot wait for Christmas this year, not just because of my Disney trip but because it will be a big family affair this year, and all my friends are home! Also, I have much less work to do over Christmas this year compared to last year, so I should actually be able to enjoy myself, and spend some quality time with my loved ones.

I’m going to try and do lots of Christmas themed things this year! There is Christmas lunch being served in The Campus Kitchen, so I think I’ll do that, and I’ll definitely have a festive picture in front of the Christmas tree in the square.

Also, I’m hopefully (if I remember to give my money in!) going to the Cheer Christmas Meal, so I should be fully in the festive spirit.

I have already began watching Christmas Films… The other day I watched The Santa Clause, and Santa Clause 2. Just waiting for Sky Movies to put Santa Clause 3 on and then I can watch that!

I can’t wait to decorate the house as well, I think we will do that the second weekend in December… when does everyone else do theirs? And we will even be having a Christmas Tree at work this year so I hope that I get to help decorate that to!

Finally, the Chistmas Season will finally feel upon us when I go out for a Christmas Meal with Shannon! The uni semester will be over, the holidays will be beginning and it will officially be Christmas!

What gets everyone else in the festive spirit? And what are you all doing for Christmas?



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