I’m super duper excited! In less than a month I will be heading to Disneyland Paris, for three days to experience the magical Disney Holidays! I’m even staying in a Disney hotel. It will be the first time I have done this in about ten years and I literally can barely wait!

I’m going with my little sister, the week of Christmas, just after she finishes school for the holidays. We are getting the Eurostar because it worked out cheaper overall, as the transfer from Charles de Guille Airport to Disney was 70 euros each! Although the times on flying were admittedly much better! But never mind because we get extra magic hours in the parks, so can get in early (if we can get up, as neither of us are particularly early risers!) and stay in the parks until 10pm! It’s great!

Our holiday even included half board, so when we finally get through to the Disney Restaurant Reservations line, we can book three meals in some of the restuarants in the park. We decided not to go for a meal with characters as it will be so expensive, but this will be just as good!

It was a really reasonable price as well – only £700 altogether for the two of us, including the half board plan!

I’m most excited to try Space Mountain 2 as they don’t have that ride at DisneyWorld Florida, and to see the Disney Christmas Parade! If I’m lucky I might even get to meet Mickey and Minnie as well!

Has anyone been to Disney Christmas? I’d appreciate any advice!


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