Next week I have an interview for an incredible position! A SARC Crisis Worker. This means working in a Sexual Assault Response Centre on a call out basis. The contract is 0 hours, but assured work every week. It’s with the Norfolk Constabulary, and my interview is next week. I am super nervous, as this will be the most professional interview I have ever gone for.

It would be a huge help to my career, as sexual offenders is a group of individuals I would like to work with in the future as a Forensic Psychologist, so it will be super useful to understand the experience from a victims’ point of view.

My parents are concerned about how I would manage in such a mentally demanding job, but I feel like I would be ok. I have really enjoyed working as an Appropriate Adult at the police station, and although Marie Curie was tough and demanding, I feel that I coped ok. I think it is important that I learn to work in situations such as this as well, because I will be put in these scenarios in the future at work.

I am preparing for my interview in what ways I can. It’s kind of helped by the fact that I am currently doing Forensic Psychology, and there is a lot of information of sex offences.

The role will be brilliant because it will be so much more flexible around uni, as I could work two or three shifts in one week when I have more free time and then have the time off when I have lots of work going on. It will also be overnight shifts, and although I think I will struggle with those at first, it will give me my days free to crack on.

I think the work would also be really helpful with my Forensic Psychology assignment, as I am doing a case study on a Sexual Offender, and what could be more useful than a bit of hands on practical experience.



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