So, for my third year project I am doing a Grounded Theory study. This involves interviewing ten, maybe more people, about their views on terrorism.

I am getting better at interviewing, having now done four interviews, however at first I found it really difficult.

I have a set list of questions, but they are all very open-ended and I am supposed to follow up on these depending on what the people say. But that’s where I struggle. I am so focused on making sure I am getting it all down, and asking all the right questions, I have noticed that I tune out, and don’t necessarily follow up on what the other person is saying, meaning I miss out on opportunities to really delve in deep to the issues people are discussing.

Luckily, they are running an interviewing session tomorrow, which will hopefully help me develop the skills I need to make my last six interviews as good as they can possibly be.

It’s super funny when I am typing up the interviews to really think about how people talk. I have noticed so far that everyone goes off on tangents in the course of the interview. Usually in a conversation you wouldn’t necessarily notice it, as you would follow up on what the other person was saying, but when you have to keep track of where you are going and go back to the original point, you notice how much you digress. Also, I have noticed how much I say ‘like’ and how frequently people use ‘urm’ in the sentences.

I’m hoping that learning to be better at interviewing will be really helpful in the future, as if I do make it as a Forensic Psychologist, I would have to interview detainees and question them, and it would be necessary to follow up on what they are saying to better understand their point of view.

Does anyone have any tips for interviewing? Or on Grounded Theory?



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