Pets as Therapy

So a while ago now i applied to be a Pets as Therapy volunteer with my little dog Charlie 

Isn’t he just the cutest?! This is him on his birthday with his smelly doggy cake! 

We finally had our assessment after waiting two months, this poor lady was so busy! 

We had to meet her at Pets as Home, so we went along, but I forgot to get him to have a wee before we went in, and halfway through he weed up a stack of products!! 🙊😩 

She said it was ok, that lots of dogs do that so it wouldn’t count against him, but it was so embarrassing! 

She did lots of little activities with him, like checked how he reacted to being picked up (fine, he practically lives in people’s arms), how he reacted to loud noises (he doesn’t care), and does he get unsettled if he has to sit whilst people talk for ages (no, he falls asleep).

I now have to send the forms she filled in off to be assessed but she’s positive he’ll pass. The only thing he didn’t do great on was get distracted by food, but I always knew that was going to happen! 

She’s even said I’ll be able to take him and visit prisons, which will be brilliant experience for the future as I want to work with offenders as a Forensic Psychologist! 

It will take a while to get all set up and running but I’ll let you know when I hear more! 



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