Disneyland Paris

So I never got round to updating you on my Disneyland Paris trip over Christmas! I was planning on uploading photos and things whilst I was there but the signal was appalling! 

Basically it was absolutely amaaaazing! The decorations were incredible, the cast members were lovely, our hotel was so cool, all decked out in a Western theme with some Christmas touches! It was just lovely and the perfect lead up to Christmas! 

The only downside was the crowds, which although to be expected, never go down well with me, because I am super impatient! 

My favourite rides were the Rock N Roller Coaster (as always) and the Indiana Jones ride which they don’t have in Florida! I also LOVED the Christmas parade, which was so festive and fun! I had a lovely meal one night in the Plaza Gardens, the main restaurant in the Disneyland Park, which I’ve always wanted to go to but which is SO expensive. Luckily, a meal there was included in our half board plan and it was great! They served really good meat, including salmon, which I’ve never had at a buffet restaurant before! And for dessert you could just have a bowl full of sweets… my kind of dessert! 

Here are just a few pictures from my break! Just uploading them is making me feel nostalgic and sad! 


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