So, I thought I’d give everyone an update as to how my dissertation is coming along, as we go into the New Year.

I’m doing a Grounded Theory, which is a qualitative piece, and involves doing interviews. I have done 7 interviews so far and I may do a couple more depending on if I need anymore quotes for my data. 

So far I have spent soooo much time on it! The interviews have taken me about 40 minutes each, but the transcribing takes hourssss! And the coding takes a long time as well, but that’s where it gets really interesting. 

In Grounded theory, you code the data using open codes, and then you focused code, which involves seeing how the initial codes fit together and relate. 

I’m now at the stage of categorising and so far I’m finding my categories really interesting! I saw my dissertation supervisor the other day and he says I’m getting on really well and my analysis sounds really good so far. 

I haven’t done my literature review yet, because that comes alongside doing the analysis, in Grounded theory you shouldn’t do your literature review before your analysis as it can affect your interpretation of the data. 

So far the categories I am establishing alongside the literature I am looking at are:

The idea and concept of terrorism as a Muslim and religious issue. There is a definite feeling that terrorism is simply a Muslim issue, there seems to be no consideration of the other factors that could contribute to terrorism.

The idea that terrorism makes people, it takes away control. I’m seeing a lot of people focusing on the lack of control in terrorism, but there is also a lot of focus on how terrorism makes both people and places change. People change in terms of their levels of worry, their mental health and their choices in life, but places change because of what happens there. For instance, there is a lot of emphasis on how Paris is no longer viewed as romantic but simply as a victim of terrorism. 

It’s all very interesting but I’ve still got a long way to go! It’s funny because before Christmas it seemed so far away, but now, only a couple of weeks later it seems so close. I’m confident I have done everything I can do far to do as well as possible, and I’ll just have to keep trying my best! 



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