UEA School Visits

So, last week my sister went on a visit to UEA with her school, to ‘see what it was like’ at uni.

She got shown round the campus; to the Sportspark, in the Hive and the LCR, the Arts buildings and she got to have a taster session for a Law talk, although she did say it wasn’t very law focused.

I think it was a really good idea for this to happen, as it’s really got her thinking about her future. On one hand, she thinks it’s super scary and she doesn’t even want to think about it, because she’s not sure what she wants to do yet.

But on the other hand, I can see the cogs turning in her head, thinking about what it would be like, admiring the idea of going off to uni, to discover who she is and all that!

I think it’s great that the UEA run things like this, because I was never given the opportunity to have these experiences, and I always wondered about uni, worried about going and was unsure, because I had no idea what it would be like. I wish something had been around to show me so I could have more confidence in myself to go.

I’ve heard the UEA also run these summer visits, where you get to stay in the accommodation for a few days. I think things like that are incredibly vital. I’m quite a shy person, and going for the day is something I could manage, when I know I’m coming home to my normal house at the end of the day, but it’s different wondering whether or not you would be able to live in an actual uni setting.

Did anyone else ever do anything like this before they went to uni? Or know any other uni’s that do it? I think going somewhere away from home would be great, because around here people are already quite familiar with the UEA, so may not necessarily associate it with the unfamiliarity of a new place!



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