The Queen!

So, i’m a bit late on the bandwagon, and i don’t even have a picture (let down, i know) but i thought I would post about it anyway, because it is such a big thing!

I offered to take my Gran to see her, although I got turned down, shock!

I think it was such an amazing thing, and something to really put our university on the map. I’m sure a lot of people have heard of UEA, but Her Royal Highness visiting us means that more attention will be drawn to the great things that UEA does.

I liked how well the Sainsburys Centre prepared for the visit, even getting the traditional Fijian dressed actors awaiting outside for her to arrive before she saw the actual exhibit.

I think the royal visit is important as well, because Her Majesty has been poorly in the recent months, what with all the horrible weather, so it was nice that some of her first visits back into the public eye took place at our lovely university.

I wonder if she stopped for a bite to eat in the Sainsburys Centre Cafe, or if instead one of her team popped and got her something from the Convenience store? I would personally recommend the brownies in Ziggys, they are too die for, and definitely worthy of royalty!



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