Fresh Meat

So I recently began watching some of the TV show, Fresh Meat again. I find it hilariously funny, and i’ve always been a big fan of Jack Whitehall!

However, I can’t help but think how different it is from the student world that i’ve experienced…

The characters don’t seem to do any work until the very last minute before their exams, which is the complete opposite of how my uni experience has been haha.

And Josie switches back and forth between courses like a yoyo, and at UEA, they are really strict about even swapping between modules, because if you miss too much it can be really hard to catch up and really grasp what is going on.

And their house, it’s lush. Typically studenty, in that it isn’t as clean as when a mums house would be, but soooo big and spacious! I want to get me a normal house like that haha, student or not!

I do appreciate that living at home means I have a slightly different student experience anyway, but it still differs from how my friends have conceptualised their experience, although I suppose they have to make it as funny as they, otherwise it wouldn’t be successful.

How do everyone else’s university experiences compare to the sitcoms?



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