I’m apologising in advance for the amount of Masters themes post you’ll receive this week, but application times has come and I’m now preparing for interviews! 

I finally submitted my applications 2 weeks ago, and have so far received 3 offers for interviews (Middlesex, Kingston and Royal Holloway). Of the three Royal Holloway is my favourite, so keen your fingers crossed for me! I am still waiting to hear from Kings College (my number 1 choice) and Goldsmiths, but i am keen on all of the unis I applied to, and would be so greatful to get in to just 1! 

It’s been a nightmare sorting out transport to get down there, but a kind offer from my friends nan has helped me out tremendously! 

UEA were so helpful in my preparation for applications and my interviews. I saw Andrew (a careers advisor) the other day and he did a kind of mock interview with me as well as giving me tips and pointers on questions I wasn’t so sure of. That made me feel much more confidant! And between the people at the careers central, I think they’ve read my personal statement four times? But they never expressed any annoyance and continually offered to help! 

I’m really greatful to have such supportive staff at UEA, I just wish that the course I’m set on (Forensic Psychology) was available at the uni I’m already so comfortable and happy at! 



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