How to get to London as a student

So as you guys know, I’ve been to and from London a lot this week! And I’ve found that the buses (which run to and from the university itself) are an absolute lifesaver on a student budget!

The trains are absolutely extortionate and I could never afford them! The cheapest I found for a single was £13.80 but that was leaving at like 9pm and means I wouldn’t be home to midnight. The times I would need to leave which unfortunately coincided with rush hour ran up bills of around £50! For a single! Crazy, I can’t even imagine paying that much as a full time worker! 

However, both the megabus and the national express have provided great prices! £4.60 for single trips! And £12 for a return. That was booked at really short notice as well, just over a week ahead, but I got 2 people returns for less than £10 when I booked last year as soon as tickets came out.

What I also noticed today was that National Express now offer discounts on trips for students using UNiDAYS! Which will make my journeys even cheaper! Bring on the next round of interviews, I’ve found the cheap way of getting there! 

I think it should be promoted a bit more around UEA, because it’s so handy for students. Both buses go from beside the car park and usually run four times a day. They go straight to London Victoria coach station, which connects to so many places across the U.K. I know a friend of mine gets the megabus to London and then straight in to Brighton! 

Anyone have any useful cheap travel tips for students? 



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