Middlesex University 

Hi guys, I’m sorry but I’m gunna overload you with posts as I wrote them up a couple of days ago but forgot to post them! Please forgive that they don’t make sense in terms of days, I had a super busy week and got all in a muddle haha 😀

I’ve just returned home from a superrrrr long day travelling down to London and back. I got the 7.15 megabus down and the 5.30 back! Tired does not describe it, but I had a great day! I visited Middlesex University, for my first interview. It was super easy to get to (excluding the travelling to London bit), maybe 40 minutes from Victoria coach station to the uni, including the walk to and from tube stations. 

The campus itself is really nice, very open and communal, lots of gardens and outdoor areas to hang around. I saw some pool tables and things like that outside and I really liked that. They also have a Papa Johns on campus 😏 and a really big communal area, a bit like the Hive at UEA that people seemed to really enjoy spending time in during lunch. 

Before I went I hadn’t been overly keen on it, but I was pleasantly surprised. The campus looks nice, and the facilitates they offer are amazing. Free and unlimited printed (hallelujah!) and a free electronic textbook for each and everyone of your modules (not sure if that’s Masters only or not), and they also have laptops to borrow in the library, a bit like you would a book, which I thought was pretty cool.

The course itself actually interested me way more than I expected, and I found at the end of the day I was a lot more keen than when I set out. The only real drawback of the course would be the travel. I’m not sure I can afford to move to London and the course runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I wouldn’t even be able to stay down there overnight. Oh how I wish UEA did forensic psychology 😰

Even so, I’m pleased I went, and I will here back within a week whether I got in or not! Ahhh! Despite the transport issues, i would definitely consider going there as the course looked really good and definitely crossed over with my interests, such as terrorism, which I’ve done my dissertation on this year, and it also links to my work as a Sexual Assault Crisis Worker so that makes me excited for the course. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me guys! 



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