The Spice Lounge

I tried out a new restaurant in Norwich today, which is unusual having grown up there!

The Spice Lounge! 

It’s an Indian in tombland, just past the Maids ahead hotel on the left. It’s lovely inside, really posh and a nice vibe and the staff were super friendly and helpful!

I had a chicken korma (I need to make it clear, not cos I’m a wimp, I just love korma sauce!), shared a naan and a rice with friend, had 2 popadoms and 2 cokes and all for £15 which I thought was really good value! 

The korma was delicious, the chicken was cooked really well, and it was a really good portion size actually. I felt full but not over stuffed which is a problem I sometimes have with Indians! 

The restaurant was busy, but not crammed, which i guess is to be expected on a Tuesday night, but I would definitely recommend booking ahead if you are going later on in the week.

Overall, definitely rate this restaurant and with good prices, and lots more options than just Korma, I would say it’s definitely something you guys should check out if you in Norwich attending UEA! 



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