Top interview tips!

Hi guys, I figured some people may have interviews of some kind, whether it be Masters, undergrad, or even jobs coming up soon, so a post like this would be super helpful. I’m not claiming to be amazing at interviews, but I’ve had a fair few now so I thought I would put together some of the best things that have helped me over the years!

  1. Eye contact. Don’t be weird and stare, but make sure to look at them when you’re answering questions. Look at other staff members if you are being interviewed by more than one, but focus your eyes on the person who asked the question.
  2. Take a moment before answering. Don’t pause too long, but take a second or two to think what you want to say before you speak, it will help you have a point to your answer and avoid rambling.
  3. Be confident. I’m not an overly confident person, but I try my hardest in interviews. I find myself almost acting in a way, as I wouldn’t be like that when I walked out the room but I know I have to show my best self during those few precious minutes. 
  4. Always look smart. You want to make a good first impression, and a smart appearance will do that. Going casual to a important interview could create a lasting impression but of the wrong kind.
  5. Take a bottle of water in, you’ll get nervous and that nasty, dry, sticky throat. Having a drink there will help with both of these and give you an excuse to take a moment without pausing and looking lost!
  6. Smile. I know you’re nervous but smiling will not only make you feel better, it makes you look friendly and they’re automatically more positive towards you. 
  7. Be on time, no be early. I am notoriously late, wherever I go, so this one is hard for me. But trick yourself. Tell yourself the interview is an hour earlier and prepare and get there for that time. Being early is always better than being late! 

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