Royal Holloway!

I’ve been very slack with blog posts recently! Basically all my trips up to London put me so far behind on work that I’ve been working my arse off to catch up. Today we handed in our dissertation draft (post on that later) which is super scary, because it means one step closer to being done! Which is both good and bad. But enough, this post had one intention…

I GOT INTO ROYAL HOLLOWAY. I am officially going to be a Masters student and at a uni I hope I’ll love as much as the one I’m at now! I really do wish I could do my masters at UEA, I can honestly say I have enjoyed my time enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to stay for a second. I was contemplating doing a doctorate here (a whole 3 more years!) but I chose the Forensic route instead. 

I can’t wait to start my new adventure but I’m sad because when that starts it means this current one ends, and UEA has been my little home from home for 3 years! I guess I can easily still come up here though… I wonder if my campus card will let me in the library when I need a place to work and I can’t travel alllll the way to London 🤔 maybe if I ask real nicely! 

I need to get a 2:1 overall to be able to do the course, which I’m pretty sure i should get, fingers crossed. It’s such a relief knowing what I’m doing and knowing it’s a place I loved! 

I’m so glad that UEA was so supportive in my application. My supervisor wrote me a really nice reference (I haven’t read it but one of the interviewers commented on it) and the careers central were super helpful in both reading my personal statements and preparing me for interviews. Andrew, who is the careers advisor for social sciences, even sent me an email on the day to wish me luck, wish I thought was lovely. It summed up how much the staff genuinely care about the students here!! 


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