Reflective writing

So my most recent assignment was on something called ‘reflective writing’

We had to chose a mental health related event (this could be anything, even exam stress) and using a prescribed model (I.e description, feelings, evaluation, analysi, conclusion and action plan) and theoretical research, consider this event. 

Everyone seemed to find this really difficult at first, I think because it’s something so different from what we are used to! Which is understandable, but I’ve actually really enjoyed it! 

I reflected on some sleep problems I had a few years ago and actually writing this has helped me come to terms with it, in a way I’ve never been able to do before. The process involves really thinking through what has occurred and considering why. What I found most effective was the action plan. Because you use research related to your problem to produce a plan for what you would do if it occurred again. 

Reflective writing is most common in health science courses, so not all students would come across it. But if you do, I would encourage you to embrace it. It’s really good to do something different every now and then, and you never know.. you could be really good at it! 



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