So the day of graduation is set!! July 18th at 4.30pm. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad having it so late in the day…? 

Bad because there’s like 4 courses to sit through before us, but good cos I might be able to get super cute graduation pictures at sunset? 

I’m literally overloading UEA with my family. My mum and dad will be going in the ceremony with me, and my sister, gran, nan and grandad will be coming as well, and watching the The Enterprise Centre, where it is being broadcast this year. My boyfriend isn’t going to be there unfortunately, as his sisters graduation at Nottingham is on the same day (literally what are the chances!) 

I’m quite excited for it actually! I can’t wait to celebrate with my family and get the traditional picture in my cap and gown! Although I’m not looking forward to the price of the cap and gown – I hear those are super expensive to hire! And we don’t get to throw our hats at UEA, which is a shame, but tbh I’ve never been thinking of that anyway. 

I’ve got to start looking for a dress! Although I’m tempted to get one whilst I’m in America as it will be so much cheaper! I’m also tempted to get a spray tan! Most of my friends are on holiday the week before graduation and will be all tanned! (I know I’m in America but I’m more likely to be red than brown haha). This is a picture I’ll keep forever so I wanna look my best!

Does anyone have any suggestions for good dress shops in a student budget? And any top graduation day tips for pictures or things to keep my family occupied? 



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