London Dungeons

So I have just returned from a lush day in London, in which I confronted a fear from my childhood and went to the London Dungeons!

Having gone on a school trip when I was younger and absolutely peed myself, I was really apprehensive! But I actually had a really good time! 

It’s very tense and lots of suspense, but it’s hugely informative and the actors are really good. The only times someone actually jumps out at you is during the Jack the Ripper bit (spoiler alert, but if you’re like me and hate being made to jump, you’ll majorly appreciate that tip!) but other than that it’s not too bad. They make the audience join in a lot, which isn’t something I’m hugely keen on, but it’s good for the younger audience that attend.

Overall, a good trip out. I would say allow about three hours for it. Its a bit pricey at £27 a ticket but if you can go in the morning it’s cheaper at i think £21! And of course there’s that gorgeous view that never gets old – the SouthBank! Also, your ticket entitles you to a free drink at the end, Cola Slush, Gin Cocktail and Draft Ale! And us students never turn down a free drink, even if we did technically pay for it!


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