Slug and Lettuce

So I’m becoming obsessed with cocktail bars, literally obsessed. But I also love a good bargain, being a student and all! 

As you guys know I went to London last weekend and we were originally planning on going to Be at One, a bar we knew from home and liked. However, it was super far away and we didn’t have much time so we ended up going in the Slug and Lettuce. Now, to my knowledge we don’t have many of these in Norfolk, although a friend of mine tells me they did used to be a couple round here. However, if you are ever in any other part of the country, I cannot recommend them highly enough! 

I have wanted to go in one for a while since seeing the brand at the O2, but had always felt a bit out of place. Well not anymore. 2FOR1 cocktails, all day every day! Now that’s is my kind of place hands down! And in my favourite fashion, you can get any cocktails you like, and simply pay for the more expensive of the two! 

So if you’re ever on a night out in London or any other swanky places that happen to have a Slug and Lettuce, it’s definitely worth a look! And they serve the most incredibly looking Nachos, at least in the Chinatown one they do! 



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