Exam Tips

So, I’m not claiming to be a pro, by any stretch, but these are 5 in exam tips that I have found help me feel more confident in myself!

1. Always ask for extra paper way before you need extra paper. It can take a couple of minutes for the invigilator to notice you and come round which can be precious time! If you put your hand up whilst you’rs still halfway through the page you’re on, you’ll have it ready and waiting!

2. Don’t sit by people you wouldn’t want to spend a normal lecture next too! There’s a reason you’ve chosen not to sit with them before and now is not the time to learn about all of their distracting habits!

3. Try not to go to the toilet. As someone that struggles to cram in all the answers in the allotted time, my sole piece of advice for those with similar problems would be to not waste any time going to the toilet. Pee right before and pee right after, it’s only a couple of hours and if you can hold it, try!

4. Split the first page of your answer booklet into two, 1 third page section and a 2/3 page section. The bigger one is for your plan, but the smaller one gives you space to write down any ideas that come to you mid-essay without making your work look untidy, unthought out or worse, risking it being mistaken as something not to be marked. 

5. Do not under any circumstances, try and figure out the answers after the exam. You will never remember all of the questions and will only make yourself unhappy and stressed by tricking yourself into believing you have got an answer wrong that actually you might not have!



One thought on “Exam Tips

  1. Nice post! These tips are certainly very useful! I just had my final exams about 2 weeks ago, and one of my exams I actually did asked to go to the toilet midway through the exam! But I managed to finish the exam paper on time…the exam in question is the Elementary French I exam, and the French teacher at my college was very accommodating; he made sure that I was ready before starting the listening part of the exam, that means that he waited until after I came back from the toilet!


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