So earlier this week I officially became a graduate!!! I believe the term for what I have been since I finished uni is graduand..! 

The day felt very surreal to me. Having been away for so long, I had almost forgotten about university and that part of my life even though I left so soon after. 

The day was amazing. It was so formal but they were so congratulatory of what we had all achieved it made it seem so much more special. 

My graduation was at 4.30, and I had to be there from about 2.30 to collect my gown and cap, and pick up tickets. I had brought my parents, sister, gran, Nanna and grandad with me. Even though only my parents and sister could go into the ceremony because of limited seating, my grandparents were all able to watch in the Enterprise Centre, which I thought was really good as they still then got to be part of the whole experience. 

The ceremony itself was great. The lecturers were all there, dressed up in snazzy graduation gowns. Neil (my dissertation supervisor) presented our awards and we were able to shake hands with the Vice Chancellor of uni. It was run very efficiently as well, we had allocated seats so that we knew which order to receive our awards and someone corrected our academic dress (caps and gowns) before we went on the stage so we looked presentable. There was also a gentlemen that directed us where to walk and which direction and when, which was helpful for people like me who had never attended any form of graduation before and had no idea what to expect.

The whole day was topped off by being able to take pictures with my friends and a lovely meal out with my family to celebrate. It was a special day that I’ll remember for a long time, and definitely something that should be a defining moment in the career of any undergrad! 



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