Disneyland Paris

So I never got round to updating you on my Disneyland Paris trip over Christmas! I was planning on uploading photos and things whilst I was there but the signal was appalling! 

Basically it was absolutely amaaaazing! The decorations were incredible, the cast members were lovely, our hotel was so cool, all decked out in a Western theme with some Christmas touches! It was just lovely and the perfect lead up to Christmas! 

The only downside was the crowds, which although to be expected, never go down well with me, because I am super impatient! 

My favourite rides were the Rock N Roller Coaster (as always) and the Indiana Jones ride which they don’t have in Florida! I also LOVED the Christmas parade, which was so festive and fun! I had a lovely meal one night in the Plaza Gardens, the main restaurant in the Disneyland Park, which I’ve always wanted to go to but which is SO expensive. Luckily, a meal there was included in our half board plan and it was great! They served really good meat, including salmon, which I’ve never had at a buffet restaurant before! And for dessert you could just have a bowl full of sweets… my kind of dessert! 

Here are just a few pictures from my break! Just uploading them is making me feel nostalgic and sad! 


Top 5 places to go on New Years Eve in Norwich!

With New Years Eve this weekend, I thought I would put together a quick list of my favourite places to go on one of the busiest nights of the year! 

1. The Bell (Wetherspoons) in Norwich City Centre, near Primark. It has a great atmosphere and will be busy without being manic like the Queen of Iceni in Riverside will be. 

2. Vodka Revolution! I love this bar, it has a dance floor on the top and a bar area with seats downstairs, they also do great cocktails! I highly recommend! 

3. The Waterfront! Always a great night out and much more reasonably priced than some of the other clubs in Norwich. With two dance areas, a quiet bar area and an outside, there’s something to cater to everyone!

4. Mercy! Now this will be a more expensive night out, but definitely one you should consider. Mercy provide entertainment and have three floors, although one is a VIP floor so would be more costful to enter!

5. Mantra. I wouldn’t suggest Mercy and Mantra as that might break your student back account, but they both have their advantages. Mantra is a little cheaper and has a slightly more relaxed vipe than Mercy, but might have less going on!

Remember to stay safe and pre-book your taxis guys. Happy New Year x

Top 5 things to do in Norwich over the Christmas holidays!

So Christmas is fast approaching, but just because it only lasts one day, does not mean that you can’t enjoy it for all FOUR weeks that you have off! If you’re staying in Norwich for the holidays, here are my top 5 recommendations for things to do! 

1. Ice skating at the Castle Mall ice rink! It’s open from the 16th of December to the 8th January, so plenty of time! 

2. See Jack and the Beanstalk at the Norwich Theatre Royal. I believe there are still tickets available, and it runs all the way to the 15th January, it will be a great watch!

3. See the tunnel of lights! It’s picture perfect kind of pretty and is located near Next in the city centre!

4. Boxing Day walks at Fairhave Woodland and Garden Centre! I went there for my Gran’s birthday this year and it is so pretty! I bet with Christmas lights it will look lush, especially with the festive spirit still in the air! 

5. Visit the Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts, located on UEA’s campus itself! The cafe will have Christmas themed treats and the art is wonderful to look at! 

Christmas at UEA

Christmas has officially arrived at UEA!! We break up much later than usual this year, because we started a week later than usual, so it’s so close already! 

There’s a Christmas tree in the square and lights all around! 

I love UEA at Christmas because they put so much on to make the most of the festive season! They do Christmas lunch in Campus Kitchen, and the last few LCR sessions in December are always Christmas themed. 

They also offer various Christmas outings as part of societies, so for instance the UEA Angels Cheer Dance society went out tonight and everyone had to wear some form of tinsel! 

And I think the bar also runs Christmas quizzes. And who doesn’t love a Christmas quiz! 

It’s just the right amount of festive cheer to make the deadline season that little bit more bearable! 

Oh UEA is wonderful 


Next week I have an interview for an incredible position! A SARC Crisis Worker. This means working in a Sexual Assault Response Centre on a call out basis. The contract is 0 hours, but assured work every week. It’s with the Norfolk Constabulary, and my interview is next week. I am super nervous, as this will be the most professional interview I have ever gone for.

It would be a huge help to my career, as sexual offenders is a group of individuals I would like to work with in the future as a Forensic Psychologist, so it will be super useful to understand the experience from a victims’ point of view.

My parents are concerned about how I would manage in such a mentally demanding job, but I feel like I would be ok. I have really enjoyed working as an Appropriate Adult at the police station, and although Marie Curie was tough and demanding, I feel that I coped ok. I think it is important that I learn to work in situations such as this as well, because I will be put in these scenarios in the future at work.

I am preparing for my interview in what ways I can. It’s kind of helped by the fact that I am currently doing Forensic Psychology, and there is a lot of information of sex offences.

The role will be brilliant because it will be so much more flexible around uni, as I could work two or three shifts in one week when I have more free time and then have the time off when I have lots of work going on. It will also be overnight shifts, and although I think I will struggle with those at first, it will give me my days free to crack on.

I think the work would also be really helpful with my Forensic Psychology assignment, as I am doing a case study on a Sexual Offender, and what could be more useful than a bit of hands on practical experience.



I’m super duper excited! In less than a month I will be heading to Disneyland Paris, for three days to experience the magical Disney Holidays! I’m even staying in a Disney hotel. It will be the first time I have done this in about ten years and I literally can barely wait!

I’m going with my little sister, the week of Christmas, just after she finishes school for the holidays. We are getting the Eurostar because it worked out cheaper overall, as the transfer from Charles de Guille Airport to Disney was 70 euros each! Although the times on flying were admittedly much better! But never mind because we get extra magic hours in the parks, so can get in early (if we can get up, as neither of us are particularly early risers!) and stay in the parks until 10pm! It’s great!

Our holiday even included half board, so when we finally get through to the Disney Restaurant Reservations line, we can book three meals in some of the restuarants in the park. We decided not to go for a meal with characters as it will be so expensive, but this will be just as good!

It was a really reasonable price as well – only £700 altogether for the two of us, including the half board plan!

I’m most excited to try Space Mountain 2 as they don’t have that ride at DisneyWorld Florida, and to see the Disney Christmas Parade! If I’m lucky I might even get to meet Mickey and Minnie as well!

Has anyone been to Disney Christmas? I’d appreciate any advice!

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming – Christmas!

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming!
I actually cannot wait for Christmas this year, not just because of my Disney trip but because it will be a big family affair this year, and all my friends are home! Also, I have much less work to do over Christmas this year compared to last year, so I should actually be able to enjoy myself, and spend some quality time with my loved ones.

I’m going to try and do lots of Christmas themed things this year! There is Christmas lunch being served in The Campus Kitchen, so I think I’ll do that, and I’ll definitely have a festive picture in front of the Christmas tree in the square.

Also, I’m hopefully (if I remember to give my money in!) going to the Cheer Christmas Meal, so I should be fully in the festive spirit.

I have already began watching Christmas Films… The other day I watched The Santa Clause, and Santa Clause 2. Just waiting for Sky Movies to put Santa Clause 3 on and then I can watch that!

I can’t wait to decorate the house as well, I think we will do that the second weekend in December… when does everyone else do theirs? And we will even be having a Christmas Tree at work this year so I hope that I get to help decorate that to!

Finally, the Chistmas Season will finally feel upon us when I go out for a Christmas Meal with Shannon! The uni semester will be over, the holidays will be beginning and it will officially be Christmas!

What gets everyone else in the festive spirit? And what are you all doing for Christmas?


The Lion King

So last week I was lucky enough to get to go and see THE LION KING.

It was the most amazing experience and I’m so happy I was able to go. It was an early Christmas Present from my boyfriend and we went together and spent the day in London.

We had literally amazing seats! They were in the stalls, where I haven’t ever sat before, but where I think I would go everytime from now on. We were right next to the aisle as well, so we were so close when the animals (actors) came down and danced during the first number, which was the Circle of Life.

This was my favourite number! It was so magical and came together so well on stage. I think the production team must be one of the best in the West End! The choreography and the set design, the costumes and the music were all amazing, there must be so much work go into that from behind the scenes.

The theatre itself is great, when you’re waiting for the performance to start they have animal and nature sounds softly running through, and the ambience it creates is incredible.

I would wholeheartedly recommend going to see it! The tickets are admittedly expensive, but it is 100% worth it, and the show will finish soon, after one of the longest running productions in West End history.

We did a bit of shopping as well, and started on our Christmas presents, so overall the day was brilliant. The only bad part was that it rained and we got lost on our way to the theatre, haha!

My favourite scene was the dance to the Circle of Life, as I thought it was just fantastic! And my favourite character by far was Mufasa! Unfortunately, there was no plot twist and the death scene almost brought a tear to my eye.

Has anyone else been to see The Lion King? Did you love it as much as I did?


Another year over…

So here it is! The 4th of January, the beginning week of 2016! That feels very weird to say! I hadn’t fully got used to being in 2015! 

2015 brought me some good times! I went on a lovely amazing holiday with my family to America, something I am so happy I did and will stay with me as some of the best memories ever! I also went on a lovely holiday with my boyfriend to Tenerife, which was wonderful, and I went on a 2 night break with two of my close work friends to Amsterdam, which is something I would like to repeat this year! 

It was also my 21st birthday and I was spoilt rotten and had an amazing time with my family and friends celebrating. Over this year I’ve had some lovely experiences, I’ve grown closer to some friends, made some new ones that I hope will be lifelong and learnt more about myself and others in the process.

2015 hasn’t been all good. These new friends have sometimes come into my life because old ones have left, and I’ve had to once again had to learn that the people you love and would do anything for, might not necessarily do the same for you. It’s a hard lesson to learn but it’s usually for the best. 

I’ve also struggled to overcome difficulties at my workplace, as it’s not always an enjoyable experience and it can get me very down. I missed out on an opportunity to work at a place I am more comfortable and a job that I was offered that would have been amazing fun, I was unable to take because it would not have been suitable around uni.

I passed my first year at uni with a very good mark, a high 2:1, which I think we can all agree is something to be happy and proud of, but it’s not been without its struggles. I’ve really struggled with several pieces of coursework and have seen myself in tears many times as I try to complete something that feels impossible. I feared at one point in the first year that my marks would be so poor I would fail. 

This new academic year has been especially tough. The workload demand has seen a drastic dip in my social life and  to some extents my happiness, along with my relationships and friendships as the demands of uni take over every aspect of my life. Even so, I tell myself that it will all be worth it in the end.

I have high hopes for 2016, completing the second year of uni, going on many more holidays and making more memories, with my lovely friends and family. My New Years resolution is to be more healthy, more fit and more organised…. We shall see!! 

Christmas is over

I am soooo sad now that Christmas is over! I have had the best couple of weeks! 

I went to London with my family and my boyfriend and had a great time! We looked round the Tower of London, went on the London eye, did Harrods and Selfridges, Oxford Street and Westfield and I had my eyebrows tinted! It was so much fun and just what I needed to destress from the busy work period!

I also went to the Warner Bros Harry Potter studios! I shall post seperately about that as it deserves its own post it is so good! 

I had to work Christmas Eve but it wasn’t too bad, as it was super busy! It went slow though! I lost count of the amount of men who were JUST STARTING their Christmas shopping!! How is that even possible! Some got so annoyed at us because we didn’t have what they wanted in stock, but surely they should have prepared earlier?! 

Christmas Day was absolutely lovely! I got so many wonderful presents from my lovely family and friends, and George did super well and got me some amazing presents! 

I had a great time with my family and the food was delicious! We laughed and joked and talked as we don’t often see each other! We played a game called Alias, where you have to describe a word without using the word, I won😉

I got some great bargains in the Boxing Day sales as well! Especially from new look and JD! Still looking for that super cheap pair of Beats Wireless Headphones though 🙄 

I’ve spent the last few days visiting other family members and friends and seeing Georges’ relatives, so it’s been a busy few days! I’m sad now though as it means Christmas is officially over. No more meals, no more Christmas games and no more presents. All that hype and excitement and it so quickly over. Makes me sad!! Never mind though, we’ve got New Years Eve and then our New Years resolutions to look forward to!!