America Adventure all booked!

Hi Guys, 

I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit radio silent for the last week or so! I’ve been working on my dissertation and an assignment and they kind of took over my life! But a post on my dissertation soon! 

I just thought I’d do a post to keep you all updated with my American adventure… because it’s all booked! 

I leave on the 25th May, only a week after my final assignment is due in! I can’t wait! 

First of all I fly to Charleston (where I totally hope I get the chance to try out the dance of that very name!) before doing a guided tour with STA down to New Orleans! I’m super excited about this because I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans since becoming obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals series. 

I then fly to New York and spend a few days there before travelling to Boston and doing a tour which stops in some great places like Pittsburgh, Washington D.C, and Toronto and a great boat trip along Niagara Falls! 

I fly back for graduation cos my mum really wanted me to attend that, before flying BACK to New Orleans. From there I do a road trip from New Orleans to San Francisco, and spend a couple of weeks in San Fran and LA which is what I am most excited for! 

STA have been really helpful and have some great prices, especially for students. I got discounts on my tours and on my flights (still going with Virgin Atlantic though woo woo!) for being a student! I’ll be carrying on this blog for a little while after I finish uni, to help show where UEA students go after uni, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Does anyone have any travelling advice for me for America? I’ve been to New York before but everywhere else will be completely new for me! I’d love some opinions! 



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